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Whole Life Yoga studio owner Tracy Weber publishes 4th novel in ‘Downward Dog’ mystery series

Tracy Weber, owner of Whole Life Yoga at 8551 Greenwood Ave. N., will publish her fourth novel in the “Downward Dog” mystery series, called “A Fatal Twist,” this Sunday.
Her book launch party will be at Edmonds Bookshop, 111 5th Ave. S. in Edmonds, from 5-8 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 19.

Do bad things really happen in threes? For yoga instructor Kate Davidson, it seems they do—and it also seems that no good deed goes unpunished. Kate’s life takes a chaotic turn when she agrees to be the doula for her pregnant best friend—and to play foster mother to two puppies. As if the terrible two puppies aren’t destructive (and disruptive) enough, things get exponentially worse when Kate finds the dead body of a philandering fertility doctor and sees Rachel, one of her yoga students, fleeing the scene.
Finding more questions than answers, Kate launches a race against time to find the truth. But how much sleuthing can Kate really do when her hands are full with caring for three dogs, teaching yoga classes, and gaining an unexpected crime-solving partner? If Kate isn’t careful, her next yoga pose may be a fatal one.

Weber’s previous novels are “Murder Strikes a Pose,” “A Killer Retreat” and “Karma’s A Killer.”
She also has book signings at 12 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 28, at Seattle Mystery Bookshop, 117 Cherry St.; and 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 29, at Whole Life Yoga.