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‘Cash Mob’ at Metropolis Gift Shop on Wednesday

Metropolis Gift Shop, 7319 Greenwood Ave. N., was closed for seven long weeks because of a burst pipe inside the store, which damaged merchandise and required owner Sue Pasha to move everything into storage during repairs. The store finally reopened last Saturday, and now a group of neighbors have organized a “Cash Mob” at the store on Wednesday.

What are we doing?
On December 7th from 10am-7pm, we invite you to be part of a “cash mob” by going into Metropolis and making a purchase of any size. Even if it’s just $5, a large number of people making small purchases would make a huge difference.
When and where?
Wednesday December 7th
Metropolis Gift Shop, 7319 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
Metropolis reopens on December 3rd after being closed for several weeks due to some unexpected major work that had to be done on the shop floors. Owner Sue had to move all of the stock out of the shop to get the work done and put it in storage, and is now moving all her stock back in. Let’s get together and support Metropolis in bouncing back from having to close during one of the busiest gift-buying months of the year!
What’s a Cash Mob?
Wikipedia defines a cash mob as “a group of people who assemble at a local business to make purchases. The purpose of these mobs is to support both the local businesses and the overall community.”
Thank you for supporting Metropolis with us!