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Nutty Squirrel Gelato chosen as one of top gelatos in the Americas to compete in Gelato World Tour

Nutty Squirrel Gelato, which has shops in Phinney Ridge and Maple Valley, has been chosen as one of the top 16 artisan gelatos from the eastern half of North and South America to compete in the Gelato World Tour in Chicago in a few weeks. If they make it to the top 3, they’ll move on to the finals in Italy.


Nutty Squirrel’s Magic Carpet Ride flavor combines oriental black sesame with a rich Belgian dark chocolate and a pomegranate reduction.

The top 16 gelato flavors of the Americas East were selected by a Jury directed by Emily Ellen (chef, food writer and culinary educator best known as the “Retro Rad Chef” from Food Network), Ben Vaughn (award-winning chef, best-selling author, restaurateur and featured television personality), Dr. Robert Bradley (expert in frozen dessert technology, analytical methods of food science and sensory evaluation of dairy foods at University of Wisconsin), and Luciana Polliotti (Italian journalist, gelato expert and curator of the world renowned Gelato Museum).