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Next ‘Think & Drink’ to discuss how climate change affects the Northwest

Humanities Washington and Naked City Brewery are hosting the next “Think & Drink” on March 30 to discuss “Now or Never: Climate Change and Policymaking in the Pacific Northwest.”

Like the rest of the country, our region is addicted to cars, electricity, and consumption, and we’ve reached a turning point. Are new laws the only path toward changing our habits? Plus, we are a state divided along geographical and political lines—are our political leaders even capable of fighting climate change, or at the very least, helping us adapt to its effects?

Or is addressing climate change within the current political system simply a lost cause?
Join Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien and UW Climate Impacts Group director Amy Snover for a frank conversation about what climate change means for the Pacific Northwest, and the promise and challenges of working within the system to address the most pressing issue of our time. Moderated by KUOW environmental reporter Ashley Ahearn.

Think & Drink begins at 7 p.m. next Wednesday, March 30, at Naked City Brewery, 8564 Greenwood Ave. N.