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Phinney Ridge neighbors warn about potential burglary scammer

Update: Apparently the man may have been an employee of ADT security. A worried neighbor called ADT and they confirmed they sent sales people to our neighborhood after hearing about our rash of burglaries.

Earlier: Several neighbors in Phinney Ridge say a suspicious man was wandering the neighborhood around North/NW 60th Street yesterday evening, knocking on doors and asking about homeowners’ alarm systems. The man told various people he was with ADT, Homestead Security or that he was selling fire insurance,  but he did not have any company identification. Some neighbors called 911.

In a long neighborhood email chain, one resident said the man knocked aggressively on their door for a long time. Others said the man seemed very intent on asking what neighbors did to protect themselves and whether they had alarms, and had a very vague sales pitch.

Did anyone else see this man?