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Climbing gear stolen during Greenwood car break-in

Sue tells us her family’s car was broken into on North 87th Street between Fremont and Linden avenues last night. The thief took a bag of climbing gear, including her children’s gear.

My daughter’s harness is purple and signed across the back by Conrad Anker. My son’s is a small child harness (the kind that goes over the shoulders). There are two small shoes with “Chey” written in red ink on the top. The chalk bag is brown and well loved (20 years old and probably climbed enough vertical feet to reach the moon). My husband’s harness was only a couple of years old and in good condition. The rest are well worn, including other adult shoes and my daughter’s blue shoes. We’ve had stuff show up in our yard that was stolen from somewhere else, and always are eager to find the proper owner. Here’s hoping whoever took this just dumped it somewhere and we can recover it!