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Phinney Ridge author Kari Aguila set to publish second book

KariAguila-resizedAward-winning Phinney Ridge author Kari Aguila is ready to publish her second book, “Run Ragged,” the sequel to “Women’s Work,” which won an IndieReader Discovery Award. Her books look at gender stereotypes and relationships in a “dystopic future.”

She has a Kickstarter campaign to help get it published.

Fifteen years after the Last War devastated families and infrastructure, women have taken over under the banner of peace and equality. Only too late do they realize it’s a slippery slope to oppression. In RUN Ragged, Rhia, a strong and independent sea captain finds herself trapped in The Center, a re-education facility designed to help people fit into the rules of the new matriarchal society. The warden claims to be guiding those in her care, but Rhia quickly sees the cracks in the system. Faced with the terrifying torture and brainwashing the warden inflicts, those cracks become gaping holes that threaten to pull Rhia down into the depths of despair. Can she resist this slow subversion and become the reluctant hero the inmates need?

RUN RAGGED-resized