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Call for artists for Carkeek Park’s ‘Heaven and Earth VII’

Artists are requested to apply to become part of this year’s temporary outdoor art installation at Carkeek Park, just north of Greenwood. This year’s theme is “Propagation: Heaven & Earth VII.” Art will be in place from July 11 through Oct. 10.

In keeping with the spirit of the site, the organizers seek work that reflects an ongoing recognition of the precarious nature of the environment with attention to the metaphor of propagation, which is often associated with the production of plants (sowing seeds, grafting, and other forms of reproduction, multiplication, dispersal, pollination, etc.) but which can also be freely translated to reference human means of dissemination (such as internet memes and other forms of media transmittal). The organizers encourage experimental , kinetic, or interactive works that explore a broad range of contemporary interpretations of art and nature, including performance, new media, landscape interventions, installations, sound art, biomimicry, ephemeral work, and other interdisciplinary perspectives. We are particularly hopeful of proposals to project video into the urban forest from a secured location at the Park’s headquarters.

The Call is open to all artists (whether established or emerging), local, regional, national, or international. All work should have a minimal impact on the park and eventually leave “no trace” following removal.

Between 12 – 15 artists and/or artist teams will be selected from the pool of applicants and offered an honorarium of $300 – $700 depending on the proposal.

Deadline for final entries by midnight Saturday, May 2, 2015. Please send a check for a suggested $20 submission fee made out to Center for Environmental Art to: Carkeek Park Advisory Council, 950 NW Carkeek Park Rd., Seattle WA 98177. Please indicate “Heaven and Earth VII” on the check. The submission fee can be waived with a simple request to the curators and/or a sliding scale of paying what you can is perfectly acceptable.

Please send submissions to https://heavenandearthexhibition.org/submit/