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Carjacking suspect arrested in Phinney Ridge after high-speed chase from Fremont

A carjacking suspect was arrested in Phinney Ridge late this afternoon after stealing a car in Fremont and leading police on a high-speed chase.

Witnesses emailed PhinneyWood to tell us they saw the car speeding through the neighborhood before police captured the suspect at Dayton Avenue North and North 68th Street.

David wrote: “I just watched a high speed car chase headed northbound on Phinney Ave. They flew by my office at 62nd and Phinney… A suspect vehicle with 4 or 5 police cruisers in VERY fast pursuit. They had to be going 60+ MPH. It looked like a car chase from a movie, to be honest.”

Mary sent us this photo of the arrest scene.


James sent this photo below showing the suspect’s car smashed between police cars.


Here’s another angle of the scene from James.


According to KIRO, the suspect stole the car from a 68-year-old woman, then hit her with the car before speeding off.

You can read KOMO’s story here. KIRO has a story with video here.

Update Tuesday: KIRO has an interview with the carjacking victim. And here’s SPD’s info from the Blotter.