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Crime Roundup: Car, engine computer and stroller stolen, two bikes found

We have several crime items to report:

Kevin found a cream-colored Trek bicycle ditched in front of his house this morning near North 88th Street and Linden Avenue. If it’s yours, email him and describe it.

Rebecca says someone stole her new double Bob brand stroller from in front of her house on 6th Avenue NW between NW 70th and 72nd streets. Put a note below in Comments if you’ve seen it.

Kurt says the engine control unit computer was stolen from his Honda Civic sometime around Oct. 9 near North 97th Street and 1st Avenue NW.

BJ’s tan Honda Civic was stolen between midnight and 7:30 a.m. Sunday from the 6000-block of 6th Avenue NW. License plate number AAE2307; and there’s a green sticker on the driver’s side at the bottom of the front windshield. If you have any information, please put a note below in Comments or email us and we’ll forward the info. UPDATE: The car has been recovered by police.

Margaret found this Specialized Rockhopper bike and a wallet of CDs at the alley entrance of Dayton Avenue and North 95th Street. If they’re yours, put a note in Comments or email us.