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Community members and businesses can sponsor a lighted ‘monkey’ for holiday season

The Phinney Neighborhood Association is seeking community members and businesses to sponsor a lighted metal monkey for the holiday season.

The 150 monkeys will hang in “troupes” along Greenwood-Phinney avenues and the downtown corridor. They’ll be in trees and store windows and hang from awnings during from the end of November through December to help promote the holiday season, in conjunction with Woodland Park Zoo’s WildLights event.

Sponsorship for each monkey is $25. The first 75 household sponsors also receive a pair of tickets to the WildLights preview night on Nov. 25. Monkeys will be displayed from Nov. 29 to Dec. 30. A Holiday Lighting event to kick off the season will happen at the raid tower at 67th and Phinney in front of the PNA on Nov. 29.