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Woman catches package thief in the act, gets her package back

We hear about mail and package theft all the time around here, but this story has a happier ending. Lisa tells us she caught a woman stealing a package off her front porch at NW 86th Street and 8th Avenue NW, confronted her and got her package back.

Around 1 pm, a woman tried to steal a package from our front door step. I stopped her and took my package back. She claimed that she was given the wrong address by her friend, “Caroline” or something like that, and was pretending to be confused.

She was in her late 40’s – 50’s, white, about 5’6″ with long brown hair tied in a ponytail. She also had heavy eye makeup. She had a purple sleeveless top, black pants, and a black sweater tied around her waist. She had a black backpack into which she had put my package. She also had a push cart, sort of a cross between a baby stroller and pet stroller – it was difficult to tell because she left it at the end of the driveway.

I called the police right after she left and gave them her description. They opened a case number and said that they would let me know if they find anything. I had also noticed a man walking up the street just before this happened but it was too far way for an accurate description. From what I could see, he had on a beige shirt, black pants, and a black backpack.

She left my house walking south on 8th Ave NW.