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‘Momentia! The New Dementia Story’ tonight at Taproot, presented by Greenwood Senior Center

The Greenwood Senior Center continues its groundbreaking efforts for those living with memory loss with a special presentation tonight (Tuesday) at Taproot Theatre’s new Kendall Center, 208 N. 85th St.
“Momentia! The New Dementia Story” is from 5:30-7:30 p.m. and moderated by Marigrace Becker, MSW, from the Greenwood Senior Center.

Hear ‘the new dementia story’ as told by persons living with memory loss and demonstrated by innovative programs transforming our community!
Interactive presentations include: “Faces of Memory Loss” project; Taproot Theatre dementia- friendly improv; Frye Art Museum here:now arts engagement program.
Want to experience even more? Stop by the Greenwood Alzheimer’s Café beforehand, 3:30-5 p.m., at Ampersand Café, 424 N 85th St.
$10 Suggested Donation to WPN (Washington Pioneer Network Conversation Cafe) includes appetizers. Drinks available to purchase. RSVP to Lindsey Ismailova at [email protected], 206-224-3764.