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Suspects in Ballard-Phinney package thefts arrested, but other thieves still out there

Shoreline Police Det. Cary Coblantz says his department arrested two suspects in a Ballard-area package theft case, but they know there is another active group in our area still stealing packages right off people’s doorsteps.
Shoreline Police arrested a man and a woman on Dec. 12 after a high-speed car chase that began on Interstate 5 near the 175th Street exit, and ended in a residential neighborhood after the suspects drove onto a dead-end street. Det. Coblantz says the suspects jumped out of a stolen dark gray Jetta as it was still moving and ran off. The car ran into a garage door, ending up several feet into the garage. The suspects were caught after a short foot chase, and were arrested and booked on probable cause for possession of a stolen vehicle, and pending investigation of possession of stolen property. The male remains in jail on $75,000 bail. The woman was released pending further investigation.
Dozens of stolen items were found in the car, most from the Ballard area and some of it has been reunited with its intended recipient or sent back to the shipper, but Det. Coblantz says they have exhausted all attempts to find the owners of the remaining 52 items. If you were a victim of package theft in the Ballard-Phinney area from late November to Dec. 12, email a detailed list of what you’re missing to Det. Coblantz at [email protected] (Note: Do not email him about package thefts in a different time frame or different location, as they are not related to this investigation.)
“The property portion of this case is active and ongoing,” Det. Coblantz said.
(Disclosure: I am a party to this case and interviewed Det. Coblantz for this story after giving my statement today.)