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Metro proposes canceling 3 Phinney-Greenwood bus routes, changing 2 others if it doesn’t receive more transit funding

King County Metro today said it will have to dramatically cut bus service next June if the state legislature doesn’t come up with stable, reliable transit funding. Today’s proposal involves canceling 74 routes and reducing service on 107 other routes.

In Phinney-Greenwood, Route 28 Local would be canceled; Route 28 Express would survive, but its schedule would be reduced or changed. Route 5 Express would be canceled; Route 5 Local would be reduced or changed. Route 48 Express would be canceled, but 48 Local would be unchanged. The 358 Express would remain unchanged.

Metro has been operating on reserves and temporary funding measures after losing $1.2 billion in sales tax revenue since 2008.  But that temporary funding ends in mid-2014.

Metro plans a series of public meetings around the region to detail the changes. The nearest one to our neighborhood will be at North Seattle Community College from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 5.