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Hunger Goblin’ Trick or Treat on Saturday big success for Greenwood Food Bank

Update Wednesday: Food Bank officials tell me another batch of donations from the trick or treating event came in today, increasing the total to $1,050 and 780 pounds of food.
Earlier: Volunteers of America Greenwood Food Bank tells us that Saturday’s Hunger Goblin’ Trick or Treat in Phinney Ridge-Greenwood and the food bank’s cider pressing raised $946.36 and 700 pounds of non-perishable food. This was the first year that the trick or treating event was tied to fundraising for the food bank, and food bank officials say trick or treaters’ donations were “a fantastic boost for us to kick off the holiday season.”
Sally sent us some cute photos from the afternoon, but this is our favorite: Frankenstein and Spiderman outside the 74th St. Alehouse.