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Phinney car stolen, recovered, owner looking for creative ideas to fill hole left by stolen stereo

Cliff tells us his car was stolen last Wednesday night, then recovered the following day, minus the bike rack, head rests and stereo. He’s trying to put a positive spin on the whole situation, asking for creative ideas to “replace” the stolen stereo. In his own words…

At 10 o’clock Wednesday night, I looked out my front window and did not see my car. A courteous policeman came at 11:30, took the particulars, and noted that Seattle has a high recovery rate. “We aren’t like Detroit, where cars go directly to the chop shop.” They called again Thursday morning to let me know that had been found on 66th between Fremont and Dayton.

When I collected the car, I noted that they had punched the lock on the driver’s side. They left our kids library book, but pulled the bike rack off the back, pulled out the radio, they even stole the head rests. I can understand ripping out the radio, but what would they do with head rests?

Well, I would like to ask Phinneywood readers for suggestions for a little shrine to put in the hole left by the left of the stereo, perhaps in the style of some Pakistani or Indian buses.

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