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Peeping Tom chased from Ballard/Phinney home last night

Update: This story was featured on KOMO Wednesday night.
Earlier: Jamie tells us she encountered a Peeping Tom peering through her window near NW 60th Street and 5th Avenue NW very late last night.

Around 12:30-12:45am I was getting ready for bed when my cat was chirping at the window (which was “closed” by blinds). I saw something moving, and pulled down the blinds to find a guy staring right in my window less than a foot from me. Saw red and chased him two blocks barefoot. I’m trying to get a sketch done of him, but in the meantime here’s the description:

  • White guy
  • Around early to mid 50’s age. MAYBE late 40’s.
  • 5’10-6’ft
  • 180-190 lbs
  • Black long sleeve shirt or thin sweater tucked into faded blue jeans (old school jeans from the 90’s maybe)
  • Black bandana with normal white pattern, tied on him pirate style covering entire top of his head.
  • Thin face, cheek bone structure, and gray beard and mustache.

Please warn people that this guy is out there doing this, and probably casing houses for robberies. People need to keep their doors and windows locked obviously, and REALLY make sure their blinds and curtains are closed.
I made a report, and working with the police.