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Volunteers needed to provide rides for Phinney-Greenwood senior citizens

Senior Services’ Volunteer Transportation is looking for volunteers to drive neighborhood senior citizens to necessary medical appointments.

Clients appreciate their improved access to medical care, meaningful interactions with caring volunteers, and increased peace of mind. Unfortunately, the program does not have enough drivers to meet the demand for transportation from older residents of the Phinney Ridge/Greenwood and surrounding neighborhoods.

This is a FLEXIBLE volunteer opportunity! The program schedules on a week-by-week basis. Volunteers need to have some weekday daytime availability, but it does not need to be consistent. Drivers typically provide one ride per week, yet they can do more or less.

For those interested in helping out, call (206) 748-7588, email Hilary at [email protected], or visit www.seniorservices.org/transportation. We also have a blog: www.volunteertransportation.blogspot.com.