Burglaries, car break-in, suspicious person in neighborhood

by | May 20, 2013

We’ve had several reports of burglaries, car break-ins and a suspicious person around the neighborhood recently.

Megan posted on our Facebook page that someone spray painted their trash cans and dumped four large bags of garbage at their home on 84th Street on Friday night.

JE says someone stole mini-cypress trees in blue ceramic pots off her porch behind Fred Meyer sometime late Thursday or early Friday morning (photo below).

Mini-Cypress in Blue pots-resized

Janice tells us two houses were burglarized on North 57th Street and Palatine Avenue North Thursday night. She says the burglars appeared to be targeting tools.

Melanie says she witnessed a car break-in in the upper parking lot of the Safeway on North 87th Street and Greenwood Avenue North about a week ago.

I heard the window smash, saw a guy pull a black backpack out of the car. He turned and stared at me before getting into a white car and driving away. Possibly white male, could be 20s or 30s, hard to tell at that distance.

Diana says her house on 80th Street was burglarized last week. The thief broke through a small basement window.

Laptops, jewelry, tv, other small items, are gone. Suspects left with two red and one blue suitcase. Would love to recover red wallet with kid’s pictures more than anything.

And Renee warns of a possible soliciting scam.

I feel like I almost got scammed by a solicitor…working with a shady company called Ultimate Unity, INC. They have many complaints online and he had the usual scheme. He was working on his “job skills” he told me that he wasn’t asking for money or a donation and reassured me 3 times that this was not about taking money from me. All I had to do was rate him on his professionalism and appearance, pick out a book or magazine to send to a charity of my choice, and then he’d get points! He then started filling out a receipt for the amount that I owed for the book I had picked out to send to a charity, I picked Children’s Hospital. I told him that I had asked him if there was a donation involved and he had lied to me so I didn’t trust this and wasn’t about to give him money. He got defensive.

So then the next day as I was walking home from Green Lake and I happened to run into him on the corner of NW 70th St and 2nd Ave NW, I asked him if it was a scam and he of course said it wasn’t. I called the police after researching the company online a little, but since it had been 20 minutes since I had seen him on the street corner, they said they probably wouldn’t be able to find him and to call 911 immediately if I have a solicitor do this again.

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