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Feinstein Foundation to match cash and food donations to food banks, including Greenwood

The Feinstein Foundation has pledged to partially match all cash and food donations to Volunteers of America Western Washington’s (VOAWW) food bank programs, including the Greenwood Food Bank, from March 1 to April 30. The foundation is donating a total of $1 million to various hunger programs.

You can drop off canned goods in donation barrels at Gainsbourg Lounge, 8550 Greenwood Ave. N.; Chocolati Café, 8319 Greenwood Ave. N.; Curves, 10033 Holman Rd. NW.; Ken’s Market, 7231 Greenwood Ave. N.; and Walgreens, 8701 Greenwood Ave. N.

You can also donate money online, through the VOAWW website. (Be sure to select “Feinstein Challenge” from the drop down menu under “Gift Designation.”)