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Hunger Intervention Program expands Healthy Food Backpacks Program to Viewlands Elementary

The Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) provides backpacks full of healthy, kid-friendly foods to 40 North Seattle elementary school children each weekend. Starting on Feb. 22, HIP will expand the program to two more elementary schools, including Viewlands, 10525 3rd Ave. NW.
Viewlands has one of the highest numbers of children in the district relying on free or reduced price school meals.

The Healthy HIP Packs Program is a food backpack program that provides meals for children at risk of hunger when they are out of school. Each Friday, backpacks are discretely filled with enough food for six meals and two snacks per child and include information on nutrition and community resources… (T)he foods included in the pack are complete meals and emphasizes whole grains, milk, high quality proteins, fresh fruits, and products with no added sugars.
“We always welcome donated funds as well as donations of healthy, quality foods that can be included in the HIP Packs,” added Murphy. “If anyone is interested in hosting a food drive, we can provide information to do so. We know that hungry kids can’t learn and this program directly delivers food to where it is needed most.”

Donors have provided HIP with enough money to provide weekend food for up to 20 children at each of the two new schools. HIP hopes to increase that to 40 children at each school every week by the end of the next school year.