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Phinney Ridge ‘Holiday Tree’ is back

Many people know the regularly-decorated tree on the corner of 65th and Palatine as the “holiday tree.” It’s decorated with lights and ornaments for nearly every holiday.

But, a PhinneyWood reader wrote to us in mid-December, concerned because the tree was not decorated. So I asked our friend and frequent contributor Mike Veitenhans to investigate, since he lives nearby. Mike said tree owner Herb Allwine told him that after converting to LED lights a few years, the plugs and connectors began to fail quickly. So, he had to string up new lights this year, which took longer than usual, and he finally got it lit in time for Christmas.


And here’s a close-up shot from the daytime.


Thanks to Mike V for all the information and photos, and thanks to Mr. Allwine for the holiday cheer!