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No solid waste pickup, transfer stations closed on Thanksgiving

Seattle Public Utilities will not pick up garbage, recycling or yard waste on Thanksgiving. All recycling and disposal stations also will be closed on Thursday. Collections scheduled for Thursday will instead be picked up on Friday, and regular Friday pickups will happen on Saturday.

What’s Seattle’s least liked Thanksgiving dish? Last year, giblets edged out green bean casserole and aspic as the dish Seattle residents would most likely put in their food and yard waste cart after the holidays.

Seattle residents can place all of their unwanted Thanksgiving leftovers, such as turkey bones, celery, yams, potatoes, fruitcake and paper napkins in their food and yard waste carts. The food scraps will be made into compost for local gardens and parks.

Don’t be a turkey- keep sewers fat-free! Property owners are responsible for their side sewer connections to the city’s sewer system. Sewer clogs often happen during the holiday season when disposing of leftovers. You can prevent this by pouring used dairy products, fats, oil, grease or greasy foods into a lidded container and placing it in the trash – NOT down the sink drain.