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Bherd Studios Gallery moving one block south

Bherd Studios Gallery is moving from its three-year home at the Greenwood Collective to a second-floor space just a block away.
Bherd’s new gallery will be above Chase Bank, at 312 N. 85th St., Suite 101 (enter from the southeast corner of the building). Co-owner Michele Osgood says the bigger space will allow her and husband John to host larger exhibitions, as well as performance pieces.
Bherd Studios will move into the new space on Sept. 1. Renovation will take until Sept. 13. On Sept. 14, the Osgoods will celebrate the new space during the monthly Art Up Artwalk with an exhibition called “By the Yard.”

There is a fine line between art and retail in the gallery business and By The Yard pushes it right over the edge. Each artist was challenged to create a piece of work that is 1 yard long by 1 foot high and will be sold by the inch. Gallery attendee’s will be encouraged to use tape measures and rulers to divvy up their favorite parts of the artwork, daring both artist and art buyer to discover how they truly feel about the production of art for sale. Carve out your favorite piece of Troy Gua, Ryan Molenkamp, Crystal Barbre, Kellie Talbot, Tessa Hulls, 12 Midnite, Zach Bohnenkamp, Greg Boudreau, Jenny Dayton, Dan Voelker and John Osgood. Exhibition showing through Friday, October 5th.
Bherd Studios Gallery is an urban and contemporary art gallery featuring emerging and mid-career artists from the Pacific NW. Our mission is to provide these artists with a voice to “Bherd” & Be seen.