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Road work continues on North 85th Street this week

Seattle Department of Transportation crews will continue demolition and replacement of concrete road panels on North 85th Street between Greenwood Avenue and Aurora Avenue this coming week. Work hours will be between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. (but no work will happen on Wednesday, July 4th).
Some driveways to businesses and residences will be temporarily closed during the construction, and access to and from North 85th Street at Dayton Avenue North and Fremont Avenue North on the south side will be closed too.
Eastbound traffic on North 85th Street will be rerouted to North 80th Street.
The intersection of Aurora Avenue and 85th will be closed the weekend of July 6-9 for stormwater work and road reconstruction. All lanes of Aurora will be closed; one westbound lane of 85th will be open.
Remember that all businesses are open during construction, even if their driveways are closed temporarily!