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‘Big blank wall’ between Naked City and New’s Noodles will be shorter

The top of that big blank wall that stretches between Naked City Brewery and New’s Noodles in the 8600 block of Greenwood Avenue North is being knocked down.

The wall before demolition. Photo from 2011.

Several business owners on that street have long complained that various crimes happen in the Yen Wor Garden parking lot behind the wall, and both sides of the wall and the parking lot are frequently hit by graffiti.

Graffiti and garbage behind the wall. Photo from 2011.

The wall will now be 47 inches tall, allowing clear views from Greenwood Avenue into the parking lot, and will hopefully deter any criminal acts.

Several folks from Naked City have spent the last few days with a concrete saw and sledge hammers, taking down the top section.

Picture taken today, showing most of the wall has been shortened.