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Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce will officially dissolve, be replaced by enhanced PNA business membership

After months of discussion, the Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce will soon dissolve and be replaced by an enhanced business membership option through the Phinney Neighborhood Association.
The Chamber coordinates a number of neighborhood events each year, including the Greenwood Seafair Parade, the annual Seattle Summer Streets, the Art Up PhinneyWood Monthly Art Walk, and Safe Halloween Trick or Treat. (It also helped run the Greenwood Car Show for many years, but that event is now run by the Greenwood Knights.) The Chamber is still sponsoring the Greenwood Seafair Parade on July 25.
A Chamber task force called the “PhinneyWood Business Group” has spent the last two months figuring out a new direction for the organization, and last week recommended that the Chamber dissolve, and the business community join forces with the PNA.
“There is a real deep-seated support for the PNA in the business community, and we wanted to really take advantage of that,” task force member Jim Bennett explained. “They already had a membership committee set up to work with the business community.”
Bennett said the Chamber and the PNA have long cooperated on many programs and community events, so it made sense to simply join forces.
“They’re excited about it and we’re really excited about it,” he said.
The business group’s new mission statement is: “PhinneyWood Business Group connects, supports, and promotes our community businesses, helping to make Greenwood and Phinney a great neighborhood to live, work, and play.”
The details of an enhanced PNA business membership are still being worked out, so stay tuned.