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GAIN meeting on how to deal with problem houses, creating block watches

Update Thursday: KIRO 7 attended the meeting and has a story and video here.
Earlier: GAIN (Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors) is hosting a meeting Wednesday night on how neighbors can deal with “problem” houses – whether it’s a suspected drug house, absentee landlord letting the house and yard fall apart, etc.
The meeting is at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Salvation Army meeting room at 9501 Greenwood Ave. N.
Dan Pavlovic of GAIN said the meeting is a direct response to one particular house near North 92nd Street and Greenwood Avenue, where neighbors suspect drugs and prostitution. Seattle Police Department Crime Prevention Coordinator Terrie Johnston will attend the meeting, along with Community Police Officer David Gordon and Assistant City Attorney Jana Jorgensen.
Pavlovic said those at the meeting will discuss the city’s chronic public nuisance ordinance, and how neighbors can band together with the help of the city attorney liaison to confront landlords who may not know what is happening at their property.