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North Precinct officer warns of burglaries while residents are home

Seattle Police North Precinct Crime Prevention Officer Terrie Johnston recently sent out an email to Block Watch Captains, warning of several burglaries that happened while residents were home. In each case, residents may have left their doors unlocked while home. The burglars stole money, electronics and car keys, and the residents’ vehicles were later stolen.
The burglaries did not happen in Phinney Ridge or Greenwood, but we thought the information was important for everyone to know.
Here’s Johnston’s email:

On Tuesday, Feb. 28 I sent out an e-lert to Block watch Captains on the east side of I-5 advising them of three occupied burglaries which occurred in the early morning hours of Feb. 26th and Feb. 27th. (Greenlake and Mapleleaf neighborhoods) In those cases, the victims believed they may have left their doors unlocked as there were no signs of forced entries. Car keys, wallets, cash, credit cards, purses, Nooks were reported stolen. The victims’ cars were subsequently stolen. This morning on N. 88th (1300 blk.) a vehicle was reported stolen, and in fact, this may also be a non-forced, occupied burglary as the car keys are missing from the house. Occupied burglaries are not that common in Seattle, and obviously are more serious. The North Precinct Burglary/Theft detectives are on top of these crimes, and are working closely with Patrol on evidence collection; as well as our Crime Analysis Detective seeking leads from any other source.
What can you do? Please use the locks and latches you have! If you feel your home security is inadequate, call me for a free home security survey. If you hear or see anything suspicious, please do not hesitate to call 9-1-1. We still recommend front porch lights on from dusk until dawn; motion-sensitive lighting is ideal for side and back yards and over carports and driveways. Car locks, electronic tracking devices; kill switches, tire/wheel or steering column locks are anti-theft devices you might consider. Empowered and watchful neighbors remain our best alarms.

You can reach Crime Prevention Officer Terrie Johnston at 206-684-7711.