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Several attempted break-ins at same Greenwood apartment

A Greenwood resident wanted to pass along information about several attempted break-ins at his apartment over the last few months. He’s hoping someone saw or heard something, and he’s warning others to be vigilant.

My two roommates and I live on 92nd, between Stone and Aurora. A series of break-ins or attempted break-ins over the past few months has us feeling deeply violated, shaken and worst of all, fearful of staying in our home.
(S)omeone kicked through the back door and entered our ground floor bedroom. He rummaged through one room before swiping a MacBook and an iPhone, then moved upstairs and stole a laptop and my work netbook. The most disturbing part was that my two roommates were gone for only 20 minutes when the break-in took place, meaning that someone was waiting for us to clear out. The police officer who responded to our call says that an apartment building nearby was also hit, on the same street.
On Christmas Day or Christmas Eve (we weren’t home so we can’t be sure), someone tried to kick down our front door. We know this because the door frame was damaged and there was a large footprint near the bottom handle.
Early last October, while one of my roommates was asleep on the bottom floor, someone walked in (the front door must have been unlocked) and proceeded to steal a number of valuable items, including laptops, my checkbooks and my $500 iPad.
Shortly after the October break-in, I came home to find our mailbox wide open, though we weren’t entirely sure whether anything had been taken.

Has anyone else in that area had a similar break-in?