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Medical marijuana clinic closes at 72nd & Greenwood, dispensary remains upstairs

Washington Medical Marijuana Group has closed its doors on the first floor of the building at 7200 Greenwood Ave. N. The affiliated medical marijuana dispensary upstairs, Seattle Patient Resource Center (SPaRC), remains open.

SPaRC owner Daryl Christian tells us that WMMG is reorganizing its business, and plans to open its main office in Tacoma. WMMG doctors provide recommendations for medical marijuana to qualified patients.
Christian says Seattle Police officers have inspected SPaRC, which grows its own marijuana and sells it to patients with a doctor’s recommendation. SPaRC no longer has signage visible to passersby, but plans to paint a green cross on the fence by the back stairs.
“Basically am working hard to keep things going and mostly I am proud of the quality medication we have finally learned to produce,” Christian said in an email. “I want to continue to serve our patients and our community, and I feel real good about being here.”
You can read our indepth feature on SPaRC from a year ago.
If you’re interested in leasing the downstairs space, call 425-791-2479.
Thanks to Dian and LS for the tips!