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Friends set up donation fund for Prudence Hockley’s children

Friends of Prudence Hockley, the Phinney Ridge woman who died Christmas Day after allegedly being assaulted by her boyfriend on Christmas Eve, have set up an online donation account to raise money for Hockley’s children.
Hockley has two adult children, and a 13-year-old daughter in middle school. Willa Hockley-Smith told me by email that the money will likely be used for her sister Maggie’s schooling, and possibly a memorial bench at Green Lake, where their mother used to run.
The account was originally set up to collect money for supplies for a memorial mural at Woodinville High School, where Hockley was a teacher. (Organizers say the money will now go straight to the family, even though the page still has the old information about the memorial wall supplies.)