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Greenwood’s new State Representative is Gerry Pollet

The Metropolitan King County Council yesterday unanimously appointed Gerry Pollet to the vacant Washington State House seat in the 46th Legislative District. Pollet fills the seat formerly held by David Frocht, who was appointed to fill the Senate seat of Scott White, who passed away suddenly in October.

Gerry Pollet, center, was sworn in on Monday.
The 46th District includes portions of Greenwood.
From the press release:

“Gerry Pollet was the first choice of the Democratic Precinct Committee Officers in the 46th District to represent the people of the 46th in the state Legislature,” said Councilmember Larry Phillips. “Gerry will bring to the legislature a long history of service on behalf of the 46th District, local Democrats, and the state of Washington, and his leadership on environmental issues such as protecting the Columbia River.”
Per the State Constitution, precinct committee officers nominate and submit three names to the Council in the event of a vacancy. The Democrat precinct committee officers of the 46th submitted Pollet’s name as the preferred candidate, along with the names of Sylvester Cann and Javier Valdez.
“I commit to promote education, transportation, and protecting our environment and social services during these difficult budget times. I will hit the ground running, and will be accessible and accountable to the people of the 46th,” said newly appointed Representative Pollet. “I greatly appreciate the support of the Council, and I look forward to working with our local governments and my colleagues in the legislature to address the challenges facing our state.”
Pollet is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Heart of America Northwest, a leading citizens’ group working for the cleanup of Hanford. An attorney, Pollet received his law degree from the University of Washington, and teaches in the university’s public health program.