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Free civics training class at Greenwood Library on Monday night

The Seattle Free School is offering a free class on how to get engaged in the political process, and make your voice heard by lawmakers. “Knowledge as Power” is at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Greenwood Library, 8016 Greenwood Ave. N.
The class is free, but please register in advance online.

With the ever-increasing amount of communication legislators have to sort through, it can be difficult to get your voice heard. Knowledge As Power provides effective techniques and free technology for civic involvement so that the citizens of Seattle can become more informed, engaged, and effective at any level of government. After an overview of how the legislative process works, the nonpartisan training is focused on providing techniques to effectively communicate and influence the decisions of lawmakers.
Some techniques covered in the class include crafting effective advocacy emails, engaging in follow-up communications, and using simple technology tools to track legislation and make messages personalized and effective.