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Greenwood-Phinney resident publishes new novel set in Seattle

Update: Santoro’s Books in Phinney Ridge now has a few copies in the store.
Neighborhood author Mike Attebery’s latest novel, “Seattle on Ice,” was released yesterday. You can find it in paperback on Amazon, as well as for the Kindle. (But, don’t forget that independent bookstores, including our own Santoro’s Books, can also special order books for you.)
Attebery sent us a note to say that anyone who remembers the big storm about five years ago will appreciate the setting. The book is a sequel to his 2009 novel “Billionaires, Bullets, Exploding Monkeys.”
Here’s Attebery’s synopsis of “Seattle on Ice”:

Like the secret love child of Dirty Harry and Martha Stewart, Brick Ransom is a rookie cop with a taste for fine dining and zero patience for slovenly deadbeats and criminal scum.
In the middle of a rare Northwest blizzard, Brick is forced to cut his dinner short in order to protect three key witnesses – a bookkeeper, a stripper, and a deadly assassin – all of whom are set to testify against Seattle crime boss Frank Mason the next morning. When a gunman ambushes the first witness en route to his downtown hotel, and Brick’s partner is killed in the crossfire, it’s quickly apparent that moles within the police force are leaking the whereabouts of each witness back to Mason in a last-ditch effort to keep the criminal kingpin from ever standing trial.
As the storm worsens, and the city freezes to a standstill, it’s up to Brick Ransom to protect the last two witnesses, outwit Frank Mason’s team of killers and crooked cops, and do his best to ignore his growling stomach, all while struggling to contain his growing fascination with Witness #2.