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News roundup: Car seats recycled, computer donations, storm water runoff and space music

Here’s a roundup of various neighborhood news tidbits.
CoolMom reports that members of the environmental group collected 35 child car seats for recycling at last Friday’s Phinney Farmers Market. Each person who dropped off a seat paid a $10 recycling fee, but received a $10 gift certificate to Childish Things in Greenwood.
If you’re a college student in need of apartment furniture, three Goodwill stores, including the Ballard store on 8th Avenue NW and NW 65th Street, is giving college students 30 percent off their entire purchase on Wednesday (must show your student I.D. card). And you can enter a raffle to win a Goodwill gift card worth up to $100.
Greenwood is featured in one segment of a new film about cleaning up and restoring Puget Sound. “Sound and Vision” premieres at the Northwest Film Forum at 7 p.m. Monday as part of their Local Sightings Film Fest. This short clip features West Seattle. The film was produced by local production company We Are Shouting.
Three musicians from Phinney Ridge are involved in an interesting new musical adventure called “Ragas across Space (A space physicist’s musical journey through our solar system).”

Ragas across Space is a unique album in which sounds from the Earth, Jupiter and Saturn, gathered by NASA’s Polar, Voyager and Cassini spacecrafts are harmonized with Indian Classical Music. The project was spearheaded by Dr. Chanchal Uberoi, retired Professor from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and features many wonderful artists from the Seattle, WA area. The album can be purchased from CDBaby, iTunes and several other music sites.
Of the seven artists in the album, 3 (Vibhavaree Gargeya, Daniel Shurman and Chaz Hastings, live on Phinney Ridge.

If you’ve got an old computer or television to get rid of, over in Fremont, InterConnection.org is having its Grand Opening Donation Drive and Laptop Sale at its new Computer Reuse Center from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

Anyone who donates a computer gets 20% off selected items at InterConnection’s retail store. The nonprofit will also have a clearance sale on laptops, many starting at $99.
The successful nonprofit relies entirely on computer donations to support its cause. Therefore, any proceeds from the retail store provide direct support to InterConnection’s mission.
InterConnection.Org accepts all computers, monitors and TVs, but especially laptops less than five years old are valuable technology resources that can be refurbished and given new life as vital tools for people and humanitarian organizations around the world. Reusing a laptop is 20 times more effective in reducing greenhouse gases than recycling.

InterConnection.org’s Computer Reuse Center is at 3415 Stone Way.
And PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) wants to remind folks about safety around raccoons. You can take their six-question quiz here, which gives you the answers to questions such as: How can you keep raccoons out of your pet’s food?; How can you keep raccoons from entering your home through a pet door?; and, When is the best time to raccoon-proof your home?
The answer to that last question is now, in the fall or winter when babies are grown up and have dispersed from dens.

Fall/winter is the best time to repair access points to attics, crawlspaces and sheds and to install chimney caps in order to prevent conflicts the following spring/summer. If Raccoons still reside around your home, use humane deterrents to evict them such as bright lights, a loud radio set to a talk station, and unpleasant smells (such as placing ammonia soaked rags in a closed container, with holes punched in the lid, in the impacted area – only do this if you are sure no babies are present).

Need proof of how prevalent the raccoon problem is? Gregg sent us this photo recently of five raccoons trying to eat the fish out of his pond.