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Art installation at Fire Station 21 begins today

Artist Perri Lynch has started installing her commissioned artwork at the new Fire Station 21 today, at North 73rd Street and Greenwood Avenue North.

Artist Perri Lynch, second from right, and installation crew.
The sculpture incorporates alternating large stones and glass with LED lights that will change color when the firefighters are called out on an emergency.

Glass slabs that will have LED lights that change color from blue/green to red/orange when firefighters are out on a call.
The $90,000 project is being paid for from Seattle’s Fire Facilities and Emergency Response Levy, which is also paying for the brand new fire station. The city’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs uses 1% to fund arts projects. Lynch told me today that 85 percent of that cost goes back into the local economy as she hires an engineer, installers and others to work on the project with her.