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Flipped car closes 8th Ave NW

It was quite the scene on 8th Ave NW Friday evening at the intersection of NW 83rd Street.

The driver of a small black Suzuki says he was driving southbound on 8th Avenue NW when the Nissan SUV clipped the side of his car, causing his car to rock. He says he had difficulty controlling it but finally was able to pull over about a block away. One of the witnesses on the scene says that the driver of the SUV was heading westbound on NW 83rd street and turned to head south on 8th. The Nissan, witnesses say, hit the trees in the median and flipped.

The driver of the SUV was alert and transported to the hospital.

Neighbors say that this is a dangerous intersection where people “take a lot of liberties.” One woman says she sees many people dart across 8th Ave NW, possibly trying to avoid the intersection at NW 85th Street, while someone else says they see u-turns here, too.