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Scenes from the Greenwood Seafair Parade

Thousands of people lined the streets of Greenwood Wednesday evening for the Greenwood Seafair Parade.

Here are some of the pictures we took from inside and alongside the parade route. We’ll follow up with more tomorrow.

Before the festivities even began, parade-goers kept the crew at Greenwood Market's brat stand busy, including Mary, who tended to a heap of carmelized onions.

Kids, um, ponied up for a ride on Ridgeline Ranch's Welsh ponies.

Kids from Greenwood's Tara Academy write and draw pictures on the back of the PhinneyWood banner to illustrate what "community" means to them.

One of the more elaborate floats was a tribute to Elton John. Can you guess what song was playing?

A little boy takes prudent precautions while waiting for the Seafair Pirates to fire their cannon.

And here is the reaction of three girls moments later.

A QFC precision shopping cart drill team put on a show. It was probably only coincidental that it was in front of the Safeway.

One of the many drill teams entertains the crowd.

While there was lots to see, candy tossed into the crowd was the main attraction for most kids.

The city plans to repave 85th this fall, which should make the 2012 parade route a much smoother experience.

Even the sun came out to watch the parade!