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Host families needed for foreign exchange students in August

International Student Exchange needs three dozen more host families, including some in Phinney-Greenwood, for high school foreign exchange students arriving in August.

Explore new cultures without leaving your home! International Student Exchange is a non profit organization that needs you to be one of their host families in August. You and your family will learn, first hand, about another exciting country by opening your heart and your home to a high school exchange student from around the world.
Each student comes with their own spending money and insurance and can speak and understand English. They just need a host family to provide basic room and board and an extra plate at the dinner table.
Host families are all ages and vary from one person to a full house. Families with children in high school, younger children or empty nesters are welcome to apply.
Their bags are packed, waiting for a host family to choose them to start a school year in August. We have students from Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Austria, Denmark, South Korea, China, Norway, Belguim, Thailand, Japan, France and more.

For more information, contact Regional Advisor Jamin Henderson at 360-661-0552, or [email protected].