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Widger the tabby is missing from East Phinney

Update July 14: Widger is still missing, but friends say he has been spotted numerous times recently around North 84th Street and Dayton Avenue North. Neighbors and family are still looking for him, and ask anyone who’s seen him to call his owner’s friend Annie at 206-617-6683.
Earlier: Laurie says her male orange and white tabby, named Widger, is missing.

He has a camo-colored collar w/tag & black magnet for his cat door (& he has a chip). He was last seen on Wed 7/6. Widger’s normal neighborhood is N. 73rd between Fremont & Dayton. He’s very friendly & curious and is known to wander into people’s homes & basements or hang out on porches. Please call Laurie w/any information – 206-419-4683.