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PhotogenX shares travel stories of hope and justice at Couth Buzzard tonight

Eleven young female photographers calling themselves PhotogenX have backpacked through 36 countries, documenting their journeys through pictures and stories which have been compiled into a new book, “Act Here. Love Now.” PhotogenX will discuss their book at 7:30 p.m. today at Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Café, at 8310 Greenwood Ave. N.

The purpose of photogenX is to use cameras to expose & fight areas of injustice around the world. We have been backpacking through 36 countries around the world for the last year with the vision to change things for the better. As we traveled & documented the lives of those we met [through photos and stories] we were overwhelmed and disheartened at the need we saw along the way.
Yet from a photography school in a dusty South African township, to meeting trafficked women in brothels in Eastern Europe, to finding ourselves in the middle of the Kashmiri Indian conflict, we’ve had a year of adventure, laughter, heartache and Hope. We found that it was the small, simple gestures of Justice that started to change things around us. We believe that whether we are in our hometowns or across the continents, if we impact our neighborhoods, we will transform our cities. And if we transform our cities, we *will* change the world.
This book is a culmination of our stories, photos, and practical ways to impact your own community, city, and world. The message we’re sharing is that you don’t have to take an epic trip to make an epic difference in the life of one person.