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Local chambers sponsor Picnic in the Park Candidate Forum next Wednesday

The Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce is joining with several other groups to host the 2011 Picnic in the Park Candidate Forum next Wednesday at Gas Works Park in Wallingford.
Titled “Politics Not As Usual,” the event is sort of like speed dating for candidates. It is hosted by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, and co-hosted by the Greenwood-Phinney, Green Lake and Wallingford chambers, along with the North Seattle Industrial Association and the Aurora Merchants Association.
City Council candidates will be there to talk to citizens about any issue they want. The final list of participants is not yet ready. The City Council positions that are up for election in 2011 are Positions 1 (currently held by (Jean Godden); 3 (currently Bruce A. Harrell); 5 (currently Tom Rasmussen); 7 (currently Tim Burgess); and 9 (currently Sally J.Clark).

Candidates will have less than 1 minute to introduce themselves and answer a very North-end question (as yet to be determined) then we will split into small discussion groups, where candidates have an opportunity to chat face-to-face. You are free to move around the Gasworks Park Picnic area and talk with all the candidates to better learn their positions to make an informed vote.

The event is from 12-1:30 p.m. in the park’s picnic area, 2101 N. Northlake Way. Cost to attend is $25 and includes lunch from Cameron Catering. Click here to register.