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Greenwood resident uses food as erotic art in new book

Greenwood resident Tiberio Simone’s new book, “La Figa: Visions of Food and Form” features pictures of food artfully placed on naked human bodies. Known as the “sensual chef,” Simone and photographer Matt Freedman will be featured at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival in Fremont from Friday through Sunday. The festival is at Fremont Studios, 155 N. 35th St.

No, that’s not a bodysuit she’s wearing.
Simone grew up in poverty in rural Italy, but went on to become an elite paratrooper in the Italian Special Forces, and then a 1995 James Beard Award winner for pastry.

The book’s lush and occasionally risqué images are accompanied by text of a similar flavor ‒ including advice on how to blend food and seduction. Simone also shares powerful food memories from his childhood in rural Italy; 20 favorite recipes; behind the scenes photos; and how his love of food and form evolved into art. As for why: “I want to share my passion for what I believe are the basics of life ‒ food and touch. In trying to figure out how to make that my job, I found a new way to love food and a new title for myself – ‘pleasure activist’.”