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‘Checkers’ building to become clean-and-sober club

After being empty for several years, the North Seattle Alano Club is renting the “Checkers” building on the corner on NW 85th Street and 3rd Avenue NW as a place for 12-step groups such as AA and al-Anon to hold meetings.

Thanks to Noah for the photo.
Jim, who didn’t want his last name used, is the manager of the Alano (pronounced “uh-LAWN-oh”) Club. Jim said he is currently cleaning up and repairing the building, including fixing the floor that was warped from water damage, and clogged drains.
“It’s been pretty much empty for the last five years,” Jim said.
Jim said the building used to house a clean-and-sober club in the early 1990s, and he was the manager of that club for a short time. Years before that, it was the G-Note tavern. Most recently it was an all-ages dance club. The building is about 4,300 square feet.
The Alano Club will hold regular weekend dances as fundraisers. The cost will be $5, and anyone who supports a clean and sober lifestyle is welcome to attend. While those events would technically be all ages since no alcohol will be served, Jim said they wouldn’t be appropriate for children. Soda pop, energy drinks and snacks will be sold inside.
Jim said he’s not sure yet when the Alano Club will open, since he’s still making repairs.