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Thief steals painting off wall at Tasty art gallery

On Tuesday, someone stole a painting right off the wall at Tasty art gallery, 7513 Greenwood Ave. N., while the gallery’s owner was distracted.
Tasty owner Sheri Hauser says the painting was part of a set of three that had just been hung up hours before for Friday’s grand opening of their new exhibit, called “Take Flight.”
The piece is 8 inches square on a 1.5-inch block of wood. It is valued at $125.

Who walks into a local art shop and STEALS art?
The title of the painting, ironically is “Heartless”, which is what we think it takes to commit such an unthinkable act.
There were only 2 customers, both female, both shopping alone earlier today who weren’t friends or artists known to the owner.
It’s just so hard to imagine either of these women concealing one of these paintings and having the audacity to walk out the door.