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Top Ten Toys’ seasonal store still open downtown

For the last couple of Christmas seasons, Greenwood’s Top Ten Toys at 104 N. 85th St. has opened a seasonal store in Pacific Place downtown. It would normally close after the holidays, but this year, owner Allen Rickert says the downtown store is doing well enough to keep open.

Top Ten Toys’ store at Pacific Place downtown, with a hand-made ferris wheel in the window.
Rickert says the store, on the second floor of the mall at 600 Pine St.,  is getting a good deal on rent, thanks to the economy, and Pacific Place is giving them a month-to-month lease, until they can find a permanent retailer. Rickert says Top Ten Toys isn’t making enough at that store to commit to a long-term lease, but the month-to-month lease is working great for both sides.