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Got potholes? Watch ‘Seattle Streets’ tonight on Cable 21

Potholes have been on the minds of many of us this winter, as the snowstorms opened up a bunch of doozies. The city normally has a backlog of about 200 potholes to fill, but they’re currently dealing with a list of about 1,000.
Tonight at 7 p.m. on the Seattle Channel on cable channel 21, the show “City Inside/Out” with C.R. Douglas goes in-depth with “Seattle Streets.”

This week, City Inside/Out takes a look at how the city is scrambling to catch up with street maintenance projects. Are we neglecting our transportation infrastructure? Does the transportation system need more money? If so, what kind of taxes: Higher car tabs? Higher parking rates? Or is City Hall focusing on the wrong problems? Are the politicians paying for major projects and neglecting neighborhood streets? To get answers, host C.R. Douglas sits down with Seattle Department of Transportation Director Peter Hahn, Downtown Seattle Association’s Policy Director Jon Scholes and Transportation Choices’ Executive Director Rob Johnson.