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Aftermath of this morning’s Greenwood fire

The owner of Rite Zone discount store, where an electrical fire started early this morning at 8572 Greenwood Ave. N., tells us he did not have insurance for the business.
Rite Zone Owner David Hu said he’s owned the business for about five years. When his four-year lease expired last year he tried to sell but didn’t have any luck. He let his insurance lapse during that time. Earlier today, fire investigators estimated the damage at about $100,000 to the building and $200,000 to the contents.
Inside Rite Zone, broken plates and other items littered the floor.

Smoke and water damage is also affecting New’s Noodles and Wayward Coffeehouse, the businesses on either side. I stopped by early this afternoon and found Wayward Assistant Manager Nicole Schmidt standing outside the coffee shop’s wide open garage door wall, airing out the smell of smoke.

The power is still out to the building, and Schmidt said they don’t know yet when Wayward will be able to reopen. There was standing water on the floor.
On the other side of Rite Zone, New’s Noodles’ front door is boarded up after this morning’s massive firefighter response.